Dress photos

A few people have asked to see pictures of my dress collection. Up to now I have resisted, because I am *very* afraid of somehow connecting pictures of me, even with the face removed, with any identifying information. Did I mention I’m deep in the closet?

In any case, I took the plunge when a friend on Second Life asked to see my dresses. In another post I’ll put up some pictures of my best skirts and my favorite nightgown. Please excuse the poor lighting and messy surroundings — I had to take pictures of myself in the one full length mirror we have over a bathtub so getting in a position where I could get a clear picture of the whole dress from neck to toe was a bit tricky, and despite some work with spray cleaner the mirror is also a bit streaked in places.

WIth the sundresses you also get to see my hairy arms in all their glory. I’m not kidding when I say I don’t have any intention of ever looking female!

About Ralph

Male. Straight. Married.
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