Nightgown alterations for the sewing newbie

Last fall I got a nice warm flannel nightgown from Dr. Leonard’s, an alternate name for Carol Wright Gifts. From the picture, it looks nice and long — right down to the ankles, with long sleeves right down to the wrists:
long flannel nightgown

Turns out they must hire midgets for their models, because when I got it, it came to just below my knees and the sleeves just barely clear my elbows. It’s not like I’m unusually tall… maybe 5’9″ on a good day. So how short do you have to be for this little thing to come to your ankles? As soon as I bend my arms those sleeves slide up and if I move at all in bed the nightgown bunches up around my waist.

So… I went hunting and after some extensive searches I found an almost-similar pattern for the fabric. The blue is a little bit greener, and the flowers are quite a bit larger, but it’s close enough that by adding another couple of feet to the bottom hem and extending the cuffs a few inches, it looks like contrasting trim:

Added extra length to hem and sleeves to make nightgown fit better

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