Prom gown alternations for the sewing newbie

Remember that prom gown I got in April? It was a bit baggy in the chest and shoulders so it tended to slip off too easily, and a bit loose in the waist. I finally got around to fixing that.

First, I folded the bodice over on itself in kind of one big pleat, like this:

Detail of the darts I added to make the bodice fit my flat chest

Next, I found some lavender satin at the fabric store. I cut a 1.5-inch-wide strip along the full length and sewed it into a tube, inside out, and then rolled it right-side-out so the seam was on the inside. This made a 1/2-inch-wide ribbon that’s shiny satin on both sides. I cut it in half to make two ribbons about 18 inches long each, and sewed one end of each one to each side seam at my waist, like this:

Added side ties made out of strips of satin rolled into ribbons

The result? A much better fitting, more comfortable gown:

Front view of the altered prom gown


Rear view of the modified prom gown

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