Gunther’s Secret Life

Today’s crossdressing in the comics entry comes from Curtis. It’s a funnier punchline if you know that throughout the comic strip’s lifetime, the barber Gunther has always bragged about the women he dates. I look forward to seeing how Billingsley handles this — will it be a story of acceptance, or another “crossdressers are freaks” joke at our expense? Gunther’s latest girlfriend, Curtis’ teacher, already broke off the romance and implied it was over this issue (she made a point of telling Curtis to drop by the barbershop unannounced late that evening to find out why she broke up with Gunther). [added later] Ah, never mind. Should have seen that obvous conclusion coming… Still, it says a lot about Curtis’ attitude that he reacted the way he did to what he thought was his friend (and boss) revealing a hitherto secret side of himself.

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