I think they found a loophole

If you’re American and old enough, you may remember the short-lived scifi show “3rd Rock From The Sun” about aliens trying to blend in with humans to study us and report on us. In one episode, the female became sexually attracted to a muscular man who turned out not to be at all interested in her — he was gay. In the closing scene when the aliens tell each other what they have learned, she observes that although our species is configured to require us to be exclusively male or female, she discovered that some people have found a loophole.

That was what came to mind when I read about the difficulty the olympic committe is having telling girls apart from boys. It makes a difference in physically demanding sports, because testosterone gives you a tremendous edge. Although most of us are clearly one or the other, there is the occasional unfortunate case where you have a Y chromosome but no testosterone, or the other way around. This is the issue the IOC is trying to determine, to make sure everyone competing does not have an excessive hormonal advantage or disadvantage against their peers.
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It’s topics like this that make me think that sometimes gender identity gets a little blurry, and I wonder if crossdressers might have some physical differences that color our perception. Certainly many crossdressers claim they wish they could be a woman either full time or part time. Could it be hormonal differences that drive this desire?

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  1. Ralph says:

    All my life I’ve mercilessly mocked people who can’t distinguish between “your” and “you’re” (among other things). Imagine my embarrassment when I logged on and discovered that two weeks ago I did exactly that, and didn’t notice until today! A little humility does wonders for the way one treats others.

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