Vanity of Vanities, All Is Vanity

I don’t know why I bother reading pro-crossdressing blogs and forums. Here I sit day after day wearing women’s clothes, and when I read what’s on the mind of other crossdressers I wonder if we’re even the same species; it seems like their values and priorities are so separated from mine that we have nothing in common but a preference for dresses over pants.

Recently a discussion came up that started with a crossdresser boasting that crossdressers are better women than women; we put them to shame because we care more about our appearance. He then went into detail about how much time and care he puts into shaping eyebrows, wearing makeup, and otherwise making himself as attractive as possible. The subsequent comments were all in the same vein — one boasted about how many dozens of pairs of shoes and pantyhose, “over sixty” pairs of panties, countless dresses and skirts and bras for every occasion. The discussion so enraged me that berating the participants there wasn’t enough; I feel compelled to continue my rant here.

I have known women just that vain and shallow, and I put as much distance between us as I possibly could. For a man to claim superiority over women because he is even more vain… I am just speechless. I suppose there but for the grace of God go I, but if my priorities ever get that skewed I pray that I will be struck down on the spot.

Here and elsewhere I have preached the importance of not judging; I am painfully aware that the only difference between what I do and what others do, however alien or abhorrent to me (within the bounds of adult consent) is an insignificant degree of separation. If I am to expect others to accept the clothes I choose to wear, I also must accept a man who is only happy in diapers, or believes himself to be female, or prefers the company of a male romantic partner, or whatever. But I cannot condone the arrogance of condemning others on the basis that they do NOT share our tastes.

Or to put it another way — the only thing I am intolerant of is intolerance.

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1 Response to Vanity of Vanities, All Is Vanity

  1. Christjan says:

    Think the self delusion run rampant on those pro crossdressing blogs and forum and I wonder myself why I’m looking at it as I’m not a crossdresser. Probably for my own personal amusment and yet at the same time finding guys needing some serious medical help. There quite few physological mental health terms that comes to my mind.

    I mostly want comment on the arguement they put forward “boasting that crossdressers are better women than women;we put them to shame because we care more about our appearance” IF they think they make better woman then I its obvious to me that they realy don’t understand what womanhood is realy about. Its just much more than how she looks or dress. I wonder how the feel about the idea of pregnacy I bet more than 90% of them would then run out scared. I think crossdressers that enage in this “passing” as woman just another mask of discrimination of woman. What thats is realy a libstick on a pig, but is stil pig as they are hidding why there truth id, under that makeup, wig and breast forum etc.

    At least crossdressers that don’t dress to “pass” as woman at least are not trying hide why who they are.

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