Crossdressing Mannequins

Today’s crossdressing funny: Something I always wanted to do, put dresses on obviously male mannequins in a store.

About Ralph

Male. Straight. Married.
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2 Responses to Crossdressing Mannequins

  1. Izaac says:

    Hi Ralph, I read through a dozen of your posts. I feel like I share your viewpoint on many things. I wear womens clothes, in public more or less everyday. I even have a pair of pink men’s shoes. I also created a male crossdressing avatar in imvu. but imvu has become over run with haters. in imvu they laugh at you and say I would be instiutionalized in real life. There might be some truth to that because it happened to me? Now for the most part people look past my outfits and I am able to find common ground with people.

  2. Ralph says:

    Great to meet you, Izaac! Have you played Second Life? That’s specifically why I set up an account, so I could go about the “world” dressed the way I like without fear of negative repercussions from hostile neighbors. My avatar has hundreds of dresses, all the stuff I wish I could wear but lack either the money or the nerve to wear in RL.

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