Something Serious In The Funnies

This week’s tranny comic comes from Bizarro by Dan Piraro.


Sure, he’s just going for cheap “guys in dresses are funny” laughs, but this brings up a point that has always bugged crossdressers: To most of the world, a woman in a baggy sweatshirt and jeans is perfectly normal and acceptable — some even find it sexy to have a girlfriend or wife wear her man’s shirt — but when a guy wants to do the same thing, he’s a freak.  To most of the world, all men with a nonstandard approach to gender roles are the same.  Crossdresser, gay, bi, transsexual, androgynous, intersex, metrosexual… as far as they are concerned, there’s no difference (and they’ll happily add pedophiles to the list, too).

The world isn’t fair.


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3 Responses to Something Serious In The Funnies

  1. It isn’t fair I agree, but will say as a girl if I dress less than feminin we get comments too. This is escalated if you play certain sports. Wearing jeans, hoodie and ball cap carrying an equipment bag a group of guys called me a “lez” and things I won’t repeat. It’s sad that both genders have their sexuality questioned by strangers when they dont conform to traditional rolls..
    Great Post!
    -Brooke’s Sister

  2. Ralph says:

    Thanks for the comments from the other side of the closet, Brooke’s Sister! Just out of curiosity, how did you find my blog? Used to be, I had maybe three followers… now whenever I post something, people who have nothing to do with crossdressing appear out of the blue reading and commenting on my posts.

  3. Pat Scales says:

    Slowly we seem to be moving from the cheap laugh of a ‘guy in a dress’ to a more accepting society. I just think that the more people see folks like us and learn that they have things in common with us the more that we will be accepted. Blogs like yours help smooth the path.

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