Someone who gets it

“Most are traditional crossdressers. They want to be seen as women when they crossdress and thus they get all dolled up in bras, dresses, long wigs, high heels, full make-up, etc.  They even give themselves female names and try to emulate female curves using silicon appliances. Some even go full princesses, that is super girly in pink and lace and all frou-frou. This is not me and it’s harder for me to relate to these people.”

From Fashion Freestyler, formerly known as Casual Crossdresser.  This dude gets it.  He doesn’t want to be a girl; he doesn’t want to make clothing a part of his sex life… he just wants the barriers between “what women wear” and “what men wear” torn down and be free to wear what he finds comfortable from either side of the aisle.

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6 Responses to Someone who gets it

  1. Vivienne says:

    And good on him. I will check out his blog. Thanks Ralph!

  2. Vivienne says:

    Hey Ralph,
    Mike (Fashion Freestyler) also links to this website ( which purports to be another guy who just wants to wear skirts. On the other hand, this guy seems to want to wear heels and hose and blouses and jewellery too… and seems to want to be much more feminine (while insisting in the text that he isn’t). Just interested: do you think the blogger of His Black Dress “gets” it too? Or is there something else going on?
    Best wishes,

  3. Ralph says:

    His Black Dress also leaves me a bit confused as to his point of view. He clearly is not attempting to pass as a woman, but he takes the girly accessories much farther than I would. Which is fine, of course! I would be the world’s worst hypocrite if I said “Wearing a lavender satin ball gown is OK, but makeup and painted nails are right out.” His preferred styles are also a little too short for my taste, but each to his own.

    Doesn’t seem to be much discussion going on there; it’s mostly a collection of his “Outfit of the day” pictures. I pop in once a week or so to see if anything new is going on.

  4. Grok says:

    Actually, the blogger did comment that there are different degrees of choice. Some individuals venture farther from convention than others. Perhaps this is due to individual temperament?

  5. Grok says:

    I came across an interesting comment in “themichelleinme”. About cross dressing being a spectrum, like a light spectrum. This may be part of the reason it is hard to find a Casual Cross Dresser). A Free Styler/Casual Cross Dresser may be the least elaborate, the hisblackdress guy in between, and the Traditional Cross Dresser being the most elaborate.

  6. Grok says:

    There was another interesting comment to themichelleinme-the idea of treating cross dressing as a hobby. An appealing idea. One gets tired of being serious; why not turn it into a hobby?

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