A Little Housekeeping

I cleaned up the links to the right.  Several of the sites (both pro- and anti- crossdressing) are defunct and/or have gone in a different direction from the ones that matter to me.  I also added a link to Skirt Cafe.  It’s not a blog, but an old-school discussion forum for men who do not in any way consider themselves female but prefer wearing skirts rather than trousers.  Most of the discussions are specifically about skirts and kilts, but there’s one forum for those who take it a little farther and also wear dresses — the “Freestyle Fashions” forum.

If you know of any *active* sites that deal with crossdressing (for or against) separate from gender transition, let me know.  I lose interest — and remove the links — when they get into passing as a woman, meeting men, hormone therapy, etc.


About Ralph

Male. Straight. Married.
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