The Day When Crossdressing Goes Mainstream

Ah, Halloween… that time of year when crossdressers can do their thing in public because “ha ha, it’s just a joke for Halloween.”

Of course, we know better.  So… do you suppose Matt Lauer* only does this once a year on special occasions?

*I never heard of him before today, when news articles of his Pamela Anderson costume started popping up all over.

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3 Responses to The Day When Crossdressing Goes Mainstream

  1. Hmmm….
    Like you, I had never heard of this dude. He has some hallmarks of actually doing this to be funny (dressing up as a slight caricature of a female icon, deliberately mimicking the slow motion running and the ridiculous props, deliberately making it a performance, and not really doing the makeup). On the other hand, he has some hallmarks of taking just a little more care than would normally be expected: the wig, the boobs, the body suit (and he is extremely carefully tucked). It all makes me think he is taking a little more pleasure out of it than simply publicity.


  2. BroadBlogs says:

    I suspect that many guys would like to get in touch with various feminine sides of themselves but only feel free to do so as a joke or for Halloween.

  3. Grok says:

    Considering BroadBlog’s comment, I would elaborate by saying that men only feel SAFE to do so as a joke or for Halloween. Actually, awhile back, I was looking at a tranny forum (I realized that that was not for me) and came across the term “deep stealth.” It occurred to me that only a handful of people are willing to put themselves at risk in public. Which would explain why forums such as Skirt Cafe and Fashion Freestyler have so few members/get so little response. These emphasize going out in public in unconventional garb.

    I wonder how much of this is due to individual temperament. For example, an extrovert might be more inclined to come out of the closet than an introvert?

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