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Of Labels and Identities and Orientation

I have been a bloke who wears dresses almost longer than I can remember. For a half a century I went through countless periods of self-discovery and self-identification to try to put a name on who I am, but our … Continue reading

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To a Crossdresser’s Wife, Part 2

Early on in this blog I wrote a post addressed to a crossdresser’s wife, explaining a bit about what we do and why we do it, and how it can affect their marriage. This month I have received a few … Continue reading

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Advocacy for men presenting as men in dresses

This is terrific. Of course the mainstream public will write it off as sensationalism and not take it seriously, but I’m glad of any positive commentary on acceptance of men who prefer traditionally female garb without identifying as female. reading

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For young crossdressers who are confused and scared

I started to write this as a private response to a young person expressing concern about why he likes to dress this way and how it affects his social life, but then I figured maybe there are others who stumble … Continue reading

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Confronting the Kink

I have had six decades to get to know myself, and in that time I have explored, rejected, and re-evaluated a number of self-diagnoses regarding what I do and why I do it. In my teen years, I just assumed … Continue reading

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The All-New Ralph In A Dress 2.0

Can you believe I started this site 10 years ago? It originally came about because I’d get into discussions with crossdressers and when I described my nonconventional style choices they’d want to see examples. So I threw together a gallery … Continue reading

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Transgenderism Encourages Rigid Gender Stereotypes

This is what I’m always on about. The problem with gender identity is that it’s largely based on a social construct of what it means to be “male” or “female”. ┬áIf I am biologically male but I believe my gender … Continue reading

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Crossdressing Under the Sea

An unexpected place to find crossdressing humour is Jim Toomey’s excellent comic strip Sherman’s Lagoon.

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If I Were a Toy

A user on Skirt Cafe mentioned a TV commercial running in the UK about a boy fantasizing what he could do if he were a toy. Among other toys, in a brief scene he finds himself wearing a pink dress … Continue reading

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Her Boyfriend’s Hemline

You know your blog is getting stale when it’s over a year between new posts. Anyhow, I recently discovered the hilarious new(ish) comic strip by Norm Feuti about life in retail sales. Today’s strip hit rather close to home for … Continue reading

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