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Confronting the Kink

I have had six decades to get to know myself, and in that time I have explored, rejected, and re-evaluated a number of self-diagnoses regarding what I do and why I do it. In my teen years, I just assumed … Continue reading

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Transgenderism Encourages Rigid Gender Stereotypes

This is what I’m always on about. The problem with gender identity is that it’s largely based on a social construct of what it means to be “male” or “female”.  If I am biologically male but I believe my gender … Continue reading

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More Stereotypes of Crossdressers

Apparently an old 2002 article on crossdressing has been rekindled in the Trannysphere, so I’ll go ahead and add my comments to the mix.  As usual, I’ve already made many of these observations on other blogs who got there before … Continue reading

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