In The Closet

The original version of this site included dozens of pages with photos of my various skirts, dresses, nightgowns, etc. Now I’m somewhat embarrassed by that, for a few reasons.

First of all, I like to believe I’m not as vain as I was 10 years ago. Nobody cares what my dress of the week is.

Secondly, the photos are hideous. As I described elsewhere, my clothing choices are way out on the fringe. Even men who are comfortable wearing skirts and dresses in public do not wear the stuff that appeals to me. I’m a sloppy mess of body hair, obesity, clumsiness, and a complete lack of aesthetic sense. Even when I’m wearing t-shirts and jeans it looks like I dressed in the dark! Add to that dresses that look like your grandmother wore and it just gets worse.

Anyhow, some friends have nevertheless asked for photos just to get an idea what I do like to wear, so I’ll go ahead and add a few. My advice is to run away now and block this page before you see things that cannot be unseen.


Sundress with Ruched Bodice

Black floral sundress with ruched bodice

Wool Skirt with Pleated Blouse

Wool Skirt with Pleated Blouse

Nylon Summer Dress

Nylon Summer Dress

Floral Victorian Dress

Victorian style satin dress in a purple floral pattern

Ballet Flat Comparison

Comparison of three styles of ballet flats.