The Hazards of Short Skirts

I added this entry two years ago, but somehow it got stuck in my “drafts” folder. Hopefully the link I reference is still available for your amusement and edification.

Illustrator Aimee Pong has this to say on the subject, and it’s a hazard for men, women, and anyone in between who prefers short skirts.

After looking at this illustration, I feel like my preference for long skirts (ankle or even floor length) is justified.  This isn’t a problem for me!

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Breaking Clothing Barriers – or Reinforcing Them?

I was recently taken to task in an online forum when a crossdresser got upset with me for confessing that I wear dresses but still present as all male — bearded, aggressive, sloppy, and arrogant male.

Now, let me see if I understand this.  A man who has a beard and refers to himself with male name and pronouns but wears a dress is unacceptably weird, but a man who also wears dresses and adds to that makeup, nail polish, false breasts, a wig, and a feminine name is NOT weird?

Now either this other crossdresser believes that beards in and of themselves are ugly and nobody should wear them regardless of what kind of clothes they have on, or he/she believes that only people who appear to be female should be allowed to wear dresses.

Is it just me, or does it seem like that’s reinforcing outdated, rigid societal rules on what kind of clothes men and women can wear?  Isn’t that exactly what we crossdressers are trying to be free from?  Do we tell women they have to look more masculine if they want to be allowed to wear trousers?  If a biological woman has a muscular build, square jaw, short hair, maybe even an unfortunate problem with a little facial hair, should she be forbidden from wearing a dress?

If it’s OK for me to have a beard while I wear jeans and t-shirts, that level of acceptability should not change when I swap out the jeans and t-shirt for a satin blouse and long skirt.


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The Day When Crossdressing Goes Mainstream

Ah, Halloween… that time of year when crossdressers can do their thing in public because “ha ha, it’s just a joke for Halloween.”

Of course, we know better.  So… do you suppose Matt Lauer* only does this once a year on special occasions?

*I never heard of him before today, when news articles of his Pamela Anderson costume started popping up all over.

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A Little Housekeeping

I cleaned up the links to the right.  Several of the sites (both pro- and anti- crossdressing) are defunct and/or have gone in a different direction from the ones that matter to me.  I also added a link to Skirt Cafe.  It’s not a blog, but an old-school discussion forum for men who do not in any way consider themselves female but prefer wearing skirts rather than trousers.  Most of the discussions are specifically about skirts and kilts, but there’s one forum for those who take it a little farther and also wear dresses — the “Freestyle Fashions” forum.

If you know of any *active* sites that deal with crossdressing (for or against) separate from gender transition, let me know.  I lose interest — and remove the links — when they get into passing as a woman, meeting men, hormone therapy, etc.


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Bluestocking Blue

I’ve had Vivienne’s blog linked over on the right for some time now, but I want to call attention to an excellent discussion on some recent cases of crossdressing/transgender that have come up in the news lately.  Since Vivienne expressed herself so eloquently, it makes more sense to just direct your attention to her post rather than repeat it all in my own words here.


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Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

Last month my wife and I celebrated our anniversary by going on a long trip together, and there were some moments of self-discovery that marked a change for both of us in the way we view my clothing preferences.

I have mentioned in the past that my wife is completely neutral on the subject. For over 25 years she has neither complained nor criticized nor encouraged me; the one time I brought the subject up she said that it’s “not one of the things I like about you best” and regards the way I dress as a personality quirk that she puts up with lovingly because she knows I also put up with her less-than-perfect traits without complaint.

It doesn’t really affect our lives much because I am totally in the closet: I live in a conservative rural community where one peek of my hairy bod in a dress would become front page news the next day and I’d probably be run out of town by an angry mob with pitchforks.  I’d love to convince them that what I do is not a crime or a perversion, but I just don’t have the fight in me.  And since I present myself as fully male with the typical male lack of concern for appearance, I’ll admit that an unshaved, uncombed, hairy-armed guy with a big beer belly stuffed into a dress with full skirts looks kind of odd by anyone’s fashion standards.

Anyhow, we were on vacation and I had packed along a couple of items to wear in the privacy of our hotel room, knowing that most of the time we’d be out and about so I would be in my standard jeans-and-t-shirt uniform.  She called for room service one day and I remarked that I would have to get dressed, and she surprised me by saying “Why?”

Why indeed?  We were thousands of miles from home on a tropical beach, and the only person to see me in our room was hotel staff who didn’t know me from Adam, would never have any contact with anyone who knows me at home, and whose tips rely on being courteous no matter how weird his guests are.  He’s probably seen it all.  So at Mrs. Ralph’s pointed comment, I stopped worrying what others would think.  I still did not want to stir up trouble by walking outside the room in my preferred clothes, but I stopped trying to hide how I was dressed if people saw me in my own room.  The real surprise here was that my wife didn’t mind either, and that alone was worth all the expense of our tropical vacation.

As it happens whenever room service showed up that week it was fairly dark inside and I was partially obscured by the door when I opened it, so if they saw that instead of pajamas or a bathrobe I really had on a long black sleeveless dress, they didn’t react.

There was, however, one incident that amused me.  My wife is handicapped and used an electric scooter whenever she went out without me (otherwise I pushed her in her regular wheelchair).  I had purchased a nice floral tropical sundress and was wearing it one morning when she came back from shopping, and I held the door open for her while she wheeled herself in.  Another guest happened to be passing by at that exact moment, and as he squeezed past her wheelchair he turned to make sure she was able to get through… and did a hilarious double-take when he saw this hairy guy in a floral sundress holding the door open.  I’d love to be a fly on the wall listening in when he got back to his room and told his family what he saw.  I never saw him after that and I’ll never see him again, so I don’t really care what he thinks… but his reaction was funny.

My wife’s reaction wasn’t at all earth-shattering or life-changing, but it was a nice peek into her unspoken thoughts about how I dress around her.

Ralph on hotel balcony in sundress 

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Saturday morning cartoons just got interesting again

I’m curious about how my friends, both those who embrace crossdressing and those who are trying to stop, react to this new children’s cartoon.  I’ll chime in after the other comments, so as not to steer the conversation in any direction.

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