Ralph’s dresses

This is a gallery for some of my favorite dresses. I have a few more that I did not get pictures of, but this is most of them. I need a bigger closet! I lost a lot of weight last year so some dresses that formerly fit well or were a little snug are now much too loose… but I can’t bear to part with them because they still feel so nice to wear. I need to either get busy with the sewing machine and take in the side seams, or give them away and build up a new collection. Hello, ebay!

(Edit, 09-02-2012) I am gradually replacing some of the older pictures with better ones. Rather than those ugly smudges over my face to protect my identity, I’m using the face of my avatar in Second Life. That’s less distracting than the smudges, I think; it looks enough like me so you can get a better idea of what I look like modeling the outfits, but it’s dissimilar enough that if a friend happens to find this page they won’t recognize me from the cartoony face.

Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to replace an existing picture with a new version. Instead I have to upload the new one, copy-and-paste the descriptive text from the old one into the new one, and if there are any comments associated with the older picture I guess those will be lost when I delete the old picture. So if you follow this blog you’ll get notices that I have added a lot of new pictures, but really I’m just updating old ones.


5 Responses to Ralph’s dresses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ralph you know there is nothing wrong with being a cd person. you look nice in a dress by the way. you look like you could be very passable if you wanted to be. it is all a state of mind you know. Leanne44_52501@yahoo.com

  2. Murray Dick says:

    I don’t think, if a paticular garment, dress, skirt, whatever, is properly fitting and in a compatible style for a bloke, it can hardly be called “crossdressing”. Jeans used to be industial mens work wear..

  3. Thomas says:

    you know how comfortable is a dress. I am wearing dresses all year long, summer and winter, to work and for any activity. For me dresses are the perfect garment. Enjoy the freedom of wearing dresses when ever you like

  4. Dave, the PDX Fashion Pioneer says:

    Those are some great dresses! And they fit you well.
    Some night put on a t-shirt and running shorts. Pack the red number into your car, drive to some place 2 towns away where no one knows you and you don’t usually go. Put the dress on over your t-shirt and shorts, walk around and see what happens. I’ll bet, not much.

  5. I would like to wear dresses but would be worried about being attacked by people and people saying I am gay or something like that it is a pity we have to have rules that say what is right for man or woman to wear surely one day we will not care what one wears I hope so but who knows

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