Ralph’s nightgowns

When the day is over and it’s time to shed those soft dresses… of course it’s time for a luxurious nightgown. Some people complain that they can’t wear nightgowns because they ride up and bind around the waist, but I say that’s just because you get them too short. Get yourself a good floor-length “granny gown” and you’ll spend the night caressed from neck to toe. The other great thing about nightgowns is they’re baggy anyway, so even after I lost a lot of weight they still fit well.

7 Responses to Ralph’s nightgowns

  1. alice says:

    Hi, Ralph
    Great nightgowns. I am crazy about wearing the same ones – satin, “grandmother’s style”. I haave a whole collection of nightgown and robe sets in differenrt colors, some of the models are similar to your blue and white ones. All of them are floor-length (I’m 6’4″ tall and weigh 137 kg (about 280 lbs, so they are all custom-tailored with a local lingerie company, because such sizes are practically not available on the stanzard-size garments market) and have matching robes/peignoirs in same color and style. Many of them have lace, embroidery and other decorations. I use them, not only for sleepong but for lounging (and very often for night work at the PC) at home My wife and daughter are OK with this, they have a lot of fun 🙂
    Yassen aka Alice
    Bulgaria, Eastern Europe.

  2. Ralph says:

    Glad to meet another “giant” nightgown wearer (more of a giant than I am!). I recently found a supply of flannel-backed satin, aka “cuddleskin” satin, and bought a few yards. I’m going to try to make my own nightgowns with it so they fit to my specifications.

    One of these days, Alice…

  3. alice says:

    One of these days, Alice…
    Do you also like wearing robes or caftans over your nightgowns? One more “strange” thiong with me, that I also like wearing long 50’s style flowery and frilly oiicloth aprons over my nightgown/robe sets, when lounging at home:). I have a collection of 12 aprons. hangiong on a special hanger in the kitchen:)

  4. alice says:

    sorry for those typos 🙂

  5. Ralph says:

    Sometimes… it depends on the mood. Sometimes I like just a simple, plain dress between me and the outside air (especially in the summer!) and sometimes, when it’s cold, I like to wear several layers from neck to toe keeping me warm.

  6. Peter Eisenberg says:

    Oh, thank G-D, I was starting to think that I was the only one who liked cotton fleece granny gowns (especially the increasingly scarce VS) for our L.A. version of winter, when the nighttime temps can plummet into the 50’s. Naturally in Summer, I’m a fan of the cute cotton cami variety, but they still have to be long so they don’t end up around my waist at 3am. I blush to admit that I still have some of Mrs. Ashley’s wonderful creations . . .

  7. Ralph says:

    If Laura Ashley produced stuff in super-extra-large (waist 42 and up), I’d probably sell my house and buy everything she ever made. *sigh*

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