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Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

Last month my wife and I celebrated our anniversary by going on a long trip together, and there were some moments of self-discovery that marked a change for both of us in the way we view my clothing preferences. I … Continue reading

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Someone who gets it

“Most are traditional crossdressers. They want to be seen as women when they crossdress and thus they get all dolled up in bras, dresses, long wigs, high heels, full make-up, etc. ¬†They even give themselves female names and try to … Continue reading

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Something Serious In The Funnies

This week’s tranny comic comes from Bizarro by Dan Piraro. Sure, he’s just going for cheap “guys in dresses are funny” laughs, but this brings up a point that has always bugged crossdressers: To most of the world, a woman … Continue reading

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